Who Sings Backup Vocals On When I Call Your Name?

Who sings backup on Vince Gills when I call your name?

It was written by Gill and Tim DuBois. Patty Loveless performed backing vocals on the song.

Which Beatle sings call your name?

Gill began writing the song after the death of Keith Whitley from alcohol poisoning in 1989, writing a first verse that acknowledged how difficult his life had been and name-checking one of his biggest hits.

What year did the song when I call your name come out?


Did the Beatles record I call your name?

“I Call Your Name” is a song recorded by the English rock band the Beatles and credited to Lennon–McCartney. It was written primarily by John Lennon, but Paul McCartney also worked on it.

Who wrote bad to me?

“Bad to Me” is a song credited to Lennon–McCartney. In late interviews, John Lennon said that he wrote it for Billy J. Kramer with The Dakotas while on holiday in Spain. However, in a 1964 interview he said that he and Paul McCartney wrote it in the back of a van, declaring McCartney a contributor.

What album is I call your name on?

Gill performed the song with Patty Loveless at the funeral of fellow country artist George Jones. The performance is incredibly moving. You can see the emotion in Gill’s performance, even when Patty has to take over, so he concentrates on his guitar playing.

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Who wrote high on the mountain?

” What can I call you ” means what name you should address a person by. Could also be said as “what’s your name?” “What should I call you?” Is a way of asking a person what they would like to be called.

When I Call Your Name song meaning?

This song narrates the painful experience of the singer after he found out that his lover left him. There is nothing more hurtful than knowing that you love someone but they do not feel the same way and to add to that, there wasn’t any warning in regard to the event.

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