Where Does Troyboi Get Vocals From?

What kind of music is TroyBoi?

Producing a wide variety of genres, but specializing in extraordinarily unique, versatile, and highly musical trap beats, TroyBoi is without a doubt one of the top up-and-coming producers in the game right now and it’s quite clear from his composition that his influences are vast indeed.

When did TroyBoi start making music?

I started producing music when I was 14 years old after discovering for the first time how to record in a music technology class in secondary school.

Is TroyBoi a EDM?

Troyboi – EDM.com – The Latest Electronic Dance Music News, Reviews & Artists.

What is TroyBoi real name?

For British musician Troy Henry aKa Troyboi, who made a name for himself with the global hit, Do You Love Me, performing in India is his way of “giving back to one of his motherlands”. The 29-year-old reveals that he is half-Indian, since his mother, Connie Henry, was born and brought up in India..

How much is TroyBoi worth?

TroyBoi’s net worth as of 2020 is estimated to be between a whopping $1 million- $5 million according to an online portal. TroyBoi has collaborated with some of the most successful artists and has given a couple of hit tracks such as Afterhours featuring Nino and Diplo Sky, O.G., and Soundclash to name a few.

What country is TroyBoi from?

British producer Troy Henry, better known as TroyBoi, is a multicultural electronic music artist who has produced and remixed tracks for rap, R&B, and pop artists in addition to releasing work under his own name.

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How tall is TroyBoi?

Even if you passed him on the street, TroyBoi (né Troy Henry) has a presence that is arresting. The South London-born half-Indian, part Nigerian-Portugese DJ towers over me (I’d guess he’s over six feet tall ). Tattoos canvas his frame, and he has piercing hazel eyes.

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