What Sonic Youth Songs Does Lee Ranaldo Vocals?

Is Lee Ranaldo married?

Biography. Ranaldo was born in Glen Cove, Long Island, studied art and graduated from Binghamton University. He has three sons, Cody, Sage and Frey, and is married twice, first with Amanda Linn in 1981 but later divorced, and now with experimental artist Leah Singer.

What was Sonic Youth biggest hit?

Top 10 Greatest Sonic Youth Songs

  • Cross the Breeze. This track appeared on 1988’s Daydream Nation, featuring Kim Gordon on lead vocals.
  • Bull in the Heather.
  • Incinerate.
  • Eric’s Trip.
  • Tom Violence.
  • The Diamond Sea.
  • Schizophrenia.
  • Hits of Sunshine (For Allen Ginsberg)

How old is Lee Ranaldo?

And while Sonic Youth members Kim Gordon and Thurston Moore aren’t the only musicians guilty of inner-band romance (we’re looking at you, Fleetwood Mac), the alt-rock legends took it a step further by having the band completely break up due to a messy divorce.

Is Sonic Youth shoegaze?

A little yes, but mostly something else. They predated Shoegaze and directly inspired a lot of it, especially when it comes to using noise to create atmospheres and playing around with tunings to achieve different textures.

How much is Kim Gordon worth?

Kim Gordon net worth: Kim Gordon is an American musician who has a net worth of $6 million. Kim Gordon was born in Rochester, New York in April 1953. She is best known for being the vocalist, bassist, and guitarist for the alternative rock band Sonic Youth.

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How tall is Kim Gordon?

Thurston Moore net worth: Thurston Moore is an American musician and singer who has a net worth of $8 million. Thurston Moore was born in Coral Gables, Florida in July 1958. He is best known for being the singer, songwriter, and guitarist of the band Sonic Youth.

Did Sonic Youth do drugs?

Sonic Youth was never a drug-heavy band which made them stick out like a sore thumb compared to their contemparies. Ranaldo, it’s safe to say, got his drug consumption largely out of his system before the band even begun and that made up for the majority of Sonic Youth’s relationship with drugs.

Is Sonic Youth New Wave?

PESCA: Sonic Youth came out of the New York rock scene, or new wave scene, or kind of pre-punk scene, in the late ’70s, early ’80s.

Is Sonic Youth good?

Not just good. Sonic Youth is one of the Greatest bands ever existed. From no wave, free jazz, noise, free improvisation to post punk and stuff. They covered everything that underground scene can offer, and in most radical ways.

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