Readers ask: Who Sings Lead Vocals On Just To Be Close To You By The Commodores?

Who sang lead on sail on by the Commodores?

This is a moving song about a man who has finally realized that his relationship with his woman is never going to work and he’s tired of trying. He has decided to end it as painlessly as possible and live out the rest of his life. >>

Who sings three times a lady?

“Three Times a Lady” is a 1978 song by American soul group the Commodores for their album Natural High, written by lead singer Lionel Richie. It was produced by James Anthony Carmichael and the Commodores.

Are the Commodores still singing?

Many thought they had quietly disbanded. But the Commodores never quit. They’re proving there’s life after Richie. They have a Top 10 single, “Nightshift,” the title song of their hit Motown album (No.

Why the Commodores break up?

By that point the Commodores were the best-selling Motown act of the 1970s. In 1981 Richie recorded the number one single, “Endless Love” with Diana Ross, and left the Commodores by year’s end to pursue a solo career.

What is the Commodores net worth?

Lionel Richie net worth: Lionel Richie is an American singer-songwriter who has a net worth of $200 million dollars. Lionel Richie is an incredibly gifted musician and producer who first rose to fame with the group The Commodores.

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Who wrote the song Nightshift?

She had recently seen the 1982 movie Night Shift (starring Henry Winkler and Michael Keaton; directed by Ron Howard), which gave her the idea for the title. This is the Commodores’ only hit since Lionel Richie left the band in 1982.

What is the movie Night Shift about?


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