Readers ask: Who Sang Backup Vocals For The Foo Fighters On Dear Rosemary Track?

Who sings Dear Rosemary?

It was produced by Butch Vig. Vig had worked with Grohl in 1991 and 1992 to produce Nirvana’s album Nevermind. The band spent three weeks making sure they could play the songs well before recording, as no mistakes can be fixed after recording on analog equipment.

What year did wasting light come out?

Wasting Light is the seventh studio album by American rock band Foo Fighters, released on April 12, 2011, through Roswell and RCA Records.

What album is rope on?

In interviews to promote his 2019 album Sunshine Rock, Mould revealed that he had been residing in Berlin, Germany since 2015.

What mic does Dave Grohl use?

The tour, kicked off in May with a handful of U.K. and U.S. radio festival shows, features Sennheiser Evolution 600 and 900 Series microphones on drums and percussion, plus the Sennheiser MD431-II for lead singer Dave Grohl.

Where is Foo Fighters studio 606?

We have a studio called Studio 606 in the San Fernando Valley — it’s not far from Sound City, actually.

What mic does Dave Grohl record with?

Dave Grohl’s Sennheiser MD 431 II.

Who is Dave Grohl’s wife?

1995-03-06: Enter the Dragon: King’s College, London, UK

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