Readers ask: Who Is Doing Vocals For The New Infant Annihilator Album?

Who are the band members of Infant Annihilator?

They’re brilliant composers of metal. But I was showing some friends the videos for Decaptitation Fornication and Motherless Miscarriage and one immediately said the band was funny but their drums are fake. The thing is though, they know music really well (it was their major in college).

What record label is Infant Annihilator signed to?

Real Name: Richard Allen. Date of birth: 30TH October 1993. Place of Origin: Oxford, Massachusetts, United States of America.

What happened to infant Annihilator?

According to an email from Tunecore, Spotify has removed Infant Annihilator’s music from its platform due to either being deemed offensive or receiving complaints from customers. Tunecore is a service that helps independent bands get listed on services like Spotify, iTunes and Amazon Music.

Will infant Annihilator ever tour?

Probably one of the most brutal things that came out of the UK, the band Infant Annihilator is infamous for their extreme approach to an already extreme genre. The band did state that touring is possible but no live shows were ever even announced.

Who is the vocalist in infant Annihilator?

Deathcore is an extreme metal fusion genre that combines the characteristics of death metal and metalcore and sometimes hardcore punk. It is defined by death metal riffs, blast beats and use of metalcore breakdowns.

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What bands has Dickie Allen been in?

Alex Terrible is the lead vocalist of Russian Deathcore band SLAUGHTER TO PREVAIL. He also has his own YouTube channel called well Alex Terrible but the work he does is called The Russian Hate Project. He does vocal covers of songs he loves and songs he hates, and makes them 10x better!

How old is Aaron Kitcher?

30 years (September 11, 1990)

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