Readers ask: Who Does Female Vocals For Enigma?

Who is the singer for Enigma?

Sandra and Michael Cretu were married from 1988 to 2008 and divided by divorce several million. They have two children together, twins, Nikita and Sebastian, who are currently 19 years old.

What style of music is Enigma?

Shinnobu is an enigmatic musical project that is derived style from Michael Cretu best known for being the creator of the Enigma musical project, the musical project contains a lot of imagination and a high degree of contained spirituality is his songs, as one could define the style of music New age.

Who Wrote return to innocence?

Michael Cretu

Why did Michael Cretu divorce?

Michael and Sandra divorced in November 2007, citing “personal and professional differences”. Another band of Cretu’s was called Moti Special (“Cold Days, Hot Nights”), which Cretu produced and performed with in the mid-1980s. He owned the first A.R.T. Studios in Ibiza before moving to a new mansion in the Ibiza hills.

How old is the singer Sandra?

An enigma is someone or something that’s puzzling, mysterious, or difficult to make sense of. The adjective enigmatic can be used to describe someone or something that’s puzzling or mysterious.

Are Gregorian real monks?

They are monks, if you haven’t already guessed, who live and worship in a secluded Benedictine monastery near the town of Burgos in northern Spain. Their latest album of Gregorian chant became a recording sensation in Spain, spending five weeks at No.

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Where is band Enigma from?


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