Readers ask: Who Actually Sang Lead Vocals For The Partridge Family?

Who did the actual singing on The Partridge Family?

Originally, the only cast member who was supposed to sing was Shirley Jones. However, after the producers heard David Cassidy’s demos of the songs, they decided to let him sing as well. During the original run of the series, all eight LPs released by The Partridge Family had paper-themed titles.

Did The Partridge Family actors really sing?

“The Partridge Family” centered on a musical family, lead by actress Shirley Jones, playing infectious, hook-laden pop. Jones and Cassidy were the only ones who really sang. The other actors lip-synched and pretended to play their instruments.

Who wrote the songs for The Partridge Family?

On the day The Partridge Family came on the airwaves, a song entitled “I Think I Love You” with Cassidy in lead and Jones as backup was released. The Partridge Family had two more top 10 hits — “ Doesn’t Somebody Want to Be Wanted” and “I’ll Meet You Halfway” — but they never again reached the pinnacle of the chart.

Is Susan Dey from The Partridge Family still alive?

She stayed out of the limelight after she quit acting in 2004. Susan Dey now lives her life away from the spotlight. She and her husband Bernard Sofronski currently live in New York.

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What killed Suzanne Crough?

Gelbwaks was the first actor to play the role of Chris Partridge. In a 2005 interview with the Television Academy Foundation, Shirley Jones mentioned that Gelbwaks “was not happy doing [the show].. his parents wanted him to do it, so we replaced him”.

Did the Partridge Family lip sync?

In the case of The Partridge Family, none of the cast members were originally supposed to do more than lip-sync their songs, but Cassidy talked his way into the recording sessions and he and his stepmother became the two members of the Partridge Family who actually sang.

Where did Partridge family live?

In the pilot episode, a group of musical siblings in the fictitious city of San Pueblo, California (said to be “40 miles from Napa County” in episode 24, “A Partridge By Any Other Name”) convinces their widowed mother, bank teller Shirley Partridge, to help them out by singing as they record a pop song in their garage.

What age did David Cassidy die?

David Cassidy, the singer who said shortly before his death at 67 in November that his onstage collapse in February 2017 was caused by Alzheimer’s disease, actually died of organ failure related to alcoholism, according to a new documentary.

What is Danny Bonaduce worth?

Danny Bonaduce Net Worth: Danny Bonaduce is an American television and radio personality, professional wrestler and former child actor who has a net worth of $5 million dollars. Bonaduce is best known for his ’70s role as Danny Partridge in the sitcom series “The Partridge Family”.

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How much is Susan Dey worth?

Susan Dey net worth: Sudan Dey is an American actress who has a net worth of $10 million dollars. Susan Dey, also known as Susan Hallock Smith, was born in Pekin, Illinois. She went on to graduate from Fox Lane High School in New York. She began her professional career as a model while still in high school.

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