Readers ask: How To Record Metal Vocals?

Can anyone do metal vocals?

You can learn to perform the harsh vocals of death metal by properly warming up your vocal cords so you don’t damage them and learning how to breathe and sing from your diaphragm while you add guttural growls to your vocals.

What is the best mic for metal vocals?

Best Vocal Mics for Metal

  • Shure SM7B. Many producers consider the SM7B to be the king for cutting metal vocals.
  • Electro-Voice RE20. For another industry standard, step up to the RE20.
  • Manley Reference Cardioid. The Manley Ref-C, or Ref-Card as it is commonly called, is a great tube condenser mic for metal vocals.

What are the effects of metal vocals?

Reverb and Delay Effects. Reverb and delay are effects that need to be used sparingly with death metal vocals. Especially for death metal vocals because you want to maintain as much clarity as possible. But there may be specific parts of the song where you want to accentuate certain words or vocal lines.

Does death metal ruin your voice?

When you’re doing those low growls or death screams, you need to make sure that you’re throat is relaxed. Remember, death metal vocals is an art of control and restraint. Not aggressive yelling or screaming at the top of your lungs. And that can damage your voice.

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Do metal singers use autotune?

Approximately nobody in metal uses autotune, except for rescuing the odd otherwise perfect take with one out of tune note in a studio recording. I’d expect there’s a bit more use in rock, but even then most people will just sing it right.

Is metal hard to sing?

Due to the overall harsh nature of metal music and singing, the aggravated resonance of vocal chords is usually needed so much and it requires the precise appliance of certain techniques of controlling the breath and using the diaphragm muscles to amplify your sound without damaging your vocal chords.

Why do death metal singers growl?

The “point” of growling in death metal is to provide an additional musical layer and variable to any given composition, the same as in any genre. The “point” of growling in death metal is to provide an additional musical layer and variable to any given composition, the same as in any genre.

What mic is good for screaming vocals?

Recap Of The Shure SM7B The Shure SM7B is the best microphone on the market for recording scream vocals in the studio. It just sounds great and is so versatile. Its switchable frequency response options make it compatible with nearly any type of scream vocal style.

What MIC do metal vocalists use?

Shure SM7B – Best for Recording If you check out the forums where people are asking about the best microphones for metal vocals, you will find that the Shure SM7B is by far the most recommended mic. It is widely used by many famous metal bands for recording vocals.

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Is SM58 good for screaming?

Shure SM58-LC This microphone would be a great choice for any studio or stage and is constructed specifically for vocals. Don’t let the low price deter you; the Shure SM58 will surely live up to your expectations as a successful screaming vocalist mic.

How do you get metal vocals to sit together?

Tip #1 – Here’s a top notch trick to get your vocals to sit on top of the mix nicely. Send everything but the vocals to their own aux, and apply a very subtle compressor (only a few dB’s reduction). Side chain the lead vocals to this compressor. This will dip the track by a 2 or 3 dB’s every time the vocals come in.

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