Readers ask: How To Describe Kurt Cobains Vocals?

What is Kurt Cobain voice type?

This video is the only technical one about Kurt Cobain voice,registering E2-F#6,what can consider him as High baritone because how deep was his lows,and Low Tenor because he reached the 6th octave on a raspy voice-and it´s too though to do.

Did Kurt Cobain use vocals?

When he recorded the phenomenal Nevermind album in the very early 90s he captured his raw vocals perfectly with the use of the iconic Neumann U67 tube microphone.

Was Kurt Cobain a good vocalist?

YES! All Kurt Cobain had to be was the vocalist for Nirvana. And he did an excellent job doing that. The songs were written by him, for his poor tortured soul to chew on and spit out at the world.

What is Axl Rose’s vocal range?

The Guns N’ Roses vocalist has sung notes that span nearly six octaves, from F1 (in There Was a Time), in the second-lowest octave in scientific pitch notation, to B flat 6 (Ain’t it Fun), five octaves above it. Rose has a lower baritone than Barry White, and can reach higher notes than Tina Turner and Beyoncé.

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Did Kurt Cobain use autotune?

decided to mess with everyone by putting Kurt Cobain’s vocals in “Smells Like Teen Spirit” (SLTS) through an autotune plug-in and changing the song into a major key. What’s amazing is that when you change SLTS definitively into a major key, it sounds so generically ’90s it’s amazing.

Why is Kurt Cobain’s voice so raspy?

These two singers actually produce the grit in their tone in totally different ways. From what I heard in a live nirvana performance, it appears that Kurt Cobain gets his sound from over closure of the cords, lots of air pressure underneath and a heightened larynx.

What is Dave Grohl vocal range?

The Vocal Range of Dave Grohl: ( D1-)D2-E5(-D6 )

What did Kurt Cobain wear?

He wore dresses and skirts often, and once stated that he liked florals because “there’s nothing more comfortable than a cosy flower pattern.” There’s no specific reason why Kurt donned dresses other than to communicate the idea that he believed in gender fluidity and didn’t abide by any fashion rules.

Did Dave Grohl take vocal lessons?

Yeah, he did backup vocals in Nirvana. I’m 99% sure he’s had vocal training too, there’s no way he’d be able to tour as extensively he has without burning out his voice otherwise. Over 20 years of singing as much as he does, you’re bound to get pretty good at it.

How many octaves could Kurt Cobain sing?

It’s an amazing FACT that Kurt, the guy that sang of PURE feeling not really caring at all about technique or the health of his own voice had an actual 4 octave range, HAH.

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How can I sing like Kurt?

The first step to singing like Kurt Cobain is to forget that whole sing-with-your-diaphragm thing and begin to sing from your throat. Kurt Cobain was a master at this since he worked on it for years (think Smells Like Teen Spirit), and his technique gave him the unique sound you desire.

How can I make my amp sound like Nirvana?

To get Nirvana’s tone with your amplifier, have the treble and mids fairly high (around 7-8) and the bass on around 5 to begin with. The distortion should be quite high for the chorus (usually between 8-10), unless you’re using a pedal.

Is Dave Grohl a better singer than Kurt?

Dave Grohl and Kurt Cobain were talented in different ways. Dave Grohl has made Foo Fighters a very successful band. But in my opinion, and feel free to disagree, Kurt was a better artist. Kurt had had a painful life and successfully expressed that in his music.

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