Readers ask: How To Align Vocals In Reason 9?

Which program can be used to instantly align two vocal tracks?

Logic Pro X You can set a track to be your groove track, and time align other tracks so they synchronize with your main track. This is a super efficient and incredibly easy way to align your vocal tracks and get that thick vocal sound you’ve been wanting!

What type of sync is MIDI beat clock?

MIDI Clock is a timing sync similar to MTC. MIDI clock sync was originally used to tell devices when to start, stop, continue and match the tempo of the master device.

What is the MIDI version of Smpte?

Finale supports the MIDI Time Code (abbreviated MTC), which is the MIDI representation of SMPTE. For Finale’s purposes, MTC is primarily used to synchronize Finale playback with the integrated Movie Window as well as external movie players and editors.

How do you align vocals in GarageBand?

In GarageBand on Mac, choose Edit > Alignment Guides. When you turn alignment guides on, they appear when a region you’re moving aligns with another region in the Tracks area.

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