Quick Answer: Who Sings Back Vocals On Heart Shaped Box?

Who sang backup in Nirvana?

Dave Grohl’s Backing Vocals On Nirvana’s “In Bloom” Dave Grohl only sang lead vocals on one Nirvana song, “Marigold” which was a b-side on the “Heart Shaped Box” single. Grohl did contribute a decent amount of background vocals on various Nirvana tracks.

Why did Kurt Cobain write Heart-Shaped Box?

Kurt Cobain, Nirvana’s frontman and the song’s author, claimed that this song was inspired by a television report of children suffering from cancer. This is believed to have inspired the song’s title. Cobain and Love both shared a love and fascination of dolls. The “Heart-Shaped Box” could be a reference to a uterus.

Who is the old man in the Heart-Shaped Box video?

Burroughs was one of Cobain’s idols, and he hoped he could convince the writer to appear in the video for the song “Heart-Shaped Box” as an old man on a cross who is pecked by crows. In his journal, Cobain explained that birds are “reincarnated old men with turrets [sic] syndrome.”

Does Dave Grohl sing Marigold?

The song did not make the final album, but would see limited release in August 1993 as a B-side, along with “Milk It”, to “Heart-Shaped Box”, the first single from In Utero (Grohl is credited for playing drums and singing lead vocal on “Marigold “, but not guitar or backing vocal).

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How much is Dave Grohl worth?

Dave Grohl net worth: Dave Grohl is an American rock musician, singer, songwriter, and director who has a net worth of $320 million dollars. He is best known as the frontman and guitarist of the Foo Fighters and as the former drummer of Nirvana.

What album is Marigold on Nirvana?


What tuning is heart shaped box in?

You will need to tune your guitar to dropped “C#” tuning, which is basically a guitar tuned a half-step down that then has the 6th string lowered another full-step.

What guitar is in heart shaped box?

The Custom Shop Hi-Flyer Phase 4 is our tribute to the Univox model as used by Kurt Cobain in ‘Heart Shaped Box’. Read more

Who invented the heart shaped box?

Answer: B. In 1822, John Cadbury opened a tea and coffee shop in Birmingham, England. He soon expanded into chocolate manufacturing, and in 1861 his son Richard greatly increased sales by packaging Cadbury chocolates in the world’s first heart shaped candy box for Valentine’s Day.

Is it heart shaped or heart shaped?

The heart is both “heart shaped” and drawn anatomically correct, with both the aorta and the pulmonary artery visible, with the crucifix placed inside the aorta.

Does Dave Grohl sing any Nirvana songs?

Former drummer of iconic rock band Nirvana Dave Grohl has shed some light on why he won’t sing Nirvana songs, yet will continue play the band’s songs with other members. However, Grohl continues to play Nirvana songs with other perfomers taking Cobain’s place.

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Is My Hero by Foo Fighters about Kurt Cobain?

In an interview with Warren Huart on Produce Like A Pro, recording engineer Bradley Cook touched on putting together the legendary Foo Fighters track My Hero and his work with Dave Grohl. He also revealed that the iconic Foo Fighters song is about the death of Grohl’s fellow Nirvana brethren, Kurt Cobain.

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