Quick Answer: Who Sang Back Up Vocals In Van Halen?

Did Eddie Van Halen do backing vocals?

Eddie and Michael have a distinct harmonized vocal sound that is as much the sound of Van Halen as the music is. Just about every Van Halen song has backing vocals in the chorus and their sound is unmistakable.

Who was the lead singer of Van Halen in 1998?

Van Halen’s recording career hit its first major road bump on March 17, 1998. That’s when they released III, an album that debuted their third singer, former Extreme vocalist Gary Cherone.

Who was the third singer of Van Halen?

Eddie Van Halen’ s lead vocal on “How Many Say I” was one of the more polarizing moments of Van Halen III. In a new interview, Gary Cherone, who fronted Van Halen on the 1998 release, defended the song and explained why he wanted Van Halen to sing it.

Who is the girl in the Van Halen Without You video?

The “Without You” music video cost over $1,000,000 to make. The band footage for the music video was shot in Los Angeles, California, over January 28–29, 1998. The remaining footage was shot inside the Ice Hotel in Sweden, with model Morag Dickson. The video premiered on MTV on March 2, 1998.

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Does Michael Anthony sing?

Born on June 20, 1954 in Chicago, Illinois, Anthony inherited his interest in music from his father, a trumpet player. Although Anthony’s days as a lead singer were over, he was responsible for all of the group’s impressive backing and harmony vocals (which many mistakenly assumed was Eddie’s over the years).

Will Van Halen continue without Eddie?

And, that’s the process that VAN HALEN fans need to go through and realize that you can’t have the band anymore without Eddie Van Halen. The music will live on forever, but you can’t have [the band] without him.

Is Eddie Van Halen dead?

Frustrated by the rejections from the record label, Cherone left Van Halen amicably. Since then, he has remained on good terms with his former bandmates, going on record numerous times with his thoughts about why the collaboration failed to work.

Is Eddie Van Halen sick?

Eddie Van Halen, founder of the rock group Van Halen, died after a years-long battle with cancer. He was 65. The legendary guitarist was first diagnosed with tongue cancer in 2000. He had one third of his tongue removed, even though the cancer had already started to spread to the esophagus and throat.

What makes Eddie Van Halen so good?

Eddie has undeniable flair on the fretboard, but his foundation is sometimes overlooked – he was an incredible rhythm guitar player with groove and swing. It’s that sensibility that really drives Van Halen’s greatest songs. “Most beginners want to learn lead because they think it’s cool,” Eddie once noted.

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Where is Eddie Van Halen buried?

His ashes will be scattered off the coast of Malibu, California, the city in which he lived for years.

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