Question: Who Does The Vocals For Transistor?

Who did the music for Hades?

Darren Korb (born November 5, 1983) is an American songwriter and composer. Korb is best known for writing the music featured in Bastion, Transistor, Pyre and Hades, all of which were developed by indie developer Supergiant Games.

Who voiced red in Transistor?

Red’s vocals were provided by Kristin Wilson, who also provided voice work for Sybil Reisz. Her singing voice was provided by Ashley Barrett.

Who is the guy in Transistor?

Unknown, also referred to as Subject Not Found and Mr. Nobody, is the “narrator” of Transistor. He sacrificed himself to save Red’s life, and as a result his consciousness was absorbed into the titular Transistor. It is heavily implied that he and Red were in a relationship before the events of the game.

Who voiced zagreus in Hades?

Korb is best known for composing the music featured in Bastion, Transistor, and Pyre, all of which were developed by indie developer Supergiant Games. In Hades, Darren does voice acting, music, and sound effects, providing the voices for Zagreus and Skelly, as well as Orpheus’s singing voice.

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Is zagreus the son of Hades?

Zagreus, Prince of the Underworld, is the son of Hades and is the protagonist of the game. Zagreus has always had a sense that he doesn’t belong in the House of Hades. Sometime before the start of the game he decides, against his father’s will, to escape from the Underworld—no matter how many tries it might take him.

Why did Red lose her voice?

His trace data was, of course, absorbed into the Transistor. She did not receive any scar, per se, but lost her voice while gaining ownership of the Transistor, because of Boxer’s sacrifice.

Does red die in transistor?

So at the ending, when Red kills herself, and afterwards when we see her with her lover in the Country, the evidence that I’ve observed tells me that both of them are actually dead, and in the real world, she’s just left a thinking, feeling copy of her lover forever trapped in her corpse, in a now unfinished world.

How tall is red transistor?

More than a year in the making, the figure is designed by our art director Jen Zee and created in partnership with the folks at We Love Fine. Red stands approximately 6″ tall on a custom base and comes packaged in a unique translucent box shown here.

Is a Transistor a cyberpunk?

Transistor (Supergiant, 2014) combines art nouveau and cyberpunk elements to create a unique visual style in this beautiful game. Art Director Jen Zee’s incredible work is one of the biggest appeals of Transistor. She created a unique dystopia that drew me in.

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Should I play bastion or Transistor first?

If you like strategy games more play Transistor first. If you like action games more play Bastion first. Transistor first because the story isn’t as good and it’s shorter.

Is a Transistor a roguelike?

The roguelikes that I had played never satisfied those parameters. But then, Hades came out. Supergiant Games is well-known for its selection of isometric action/RPG gems: Bastion, Transistor, and Pyre. Hades joined the bunch as the developer’s first foray into roguelikes.

Is Logan Cunningham in Hades?

Logan Cunningham is a voice actor notable for his work on Supergiant Games titles. He is the voice of Hades, Poseidon, Achilles, Charon, Asterius, and The Storyteller.

How do you get Thanatos Hades?

Within the House of Hades, Thanatos can be found in the same hallway where Achilles keeps guard. After a run in which he was encountered, he has a high (but not 100%) chance of appearing in the House. If he is given nectar during the run right before appearing in the House, he won’t be able to be gifted.

How old is zagreus Hades?

How old is Zagreus? Zagreus never knew his mother, so about how long do we think he’s been around? He looks about 20, but that doesn’t mean anything for Gods. Dionysius is the only Olympian to experience any time as a child, the rest came into being fully formed.

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