Question: Where To Pan Guitar And Vocals?

Where should I pan my guitars?

Every mix has different needs, but a good rule of thumb for panning guitars is to pan them in the opposite direction of each other if you’re mixing rhythm and lead. If you’re only working with one guitar, pan them while thinking about how the sound will complement other instruments.

Can you use the same mic for guitar and vocals?

If you want more control over the sound of each source, and you’re not concerned about stereo recording, using two mono mics is a good option. The first is to use a dynamic mic like a Shure SM7B on the vocals and some sort of condenser mic on the guitar.

How do you mix guitar and vocals?

For acoustic guitar and vocals, I would recommend using a ratio of 4:1 or less to keep things sounding dynamic. Keep the attack above 10 milliseconds and the release above 20 milliseconds to let your transients punch through the mix.

Should a guitar solo be panned?

Pan the solo guitar off to one side. If the vocalist is doing anything vocally over the solo, pan them to the opposite side. Adding a delay to the solo is a great way to make it sound bigger. If you’ve got the solo guitar panned to the right, then pan the delay to the left.

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How far should a guitar be from a pan?

You generally don’t pan all the way to each side (“hard left/right panning”) because it sounds unnatural (especially on headphones), but up to 80% should work. If you’re using more than two tracks, it would be best not to pan them the same amount.

How do I make my guitar sound professional?

Capturing a good guitar tone isn’t always easy.

  1. Tip 1 – Use a Cardioid Dynamic Microphone.
  2. Tip 2 – Position the Microphone Close to the Amp.
  3. Tip 3 – Find the Right Tone on the Amp.
  4. Tip 4 – Adjust the Position to Adjust the Tone.
  5. Tip 5 – Find the Tone in the Context of the Mix.
  6. Tip 6 – Use a Reference Track.

Should I record guitar and vocals separately?

It is preferred that you record vocals and guitar separately. Most professional studios and producers stand by it because more complications can arise when recording them together, such as timing and mistakes.

How do you master record on an acoustic guitar?

Wrapping Up: Mixing Acoustic Guitar

  1. Send your guitars to a bus.
  2. Mute unnecessary mics or overdubs.
  3. Get your balance right.
  4. Never solo.
  5. Cut your lows.
  6. Find any nasty bits using an EQ.
  7. Compress it (or don’t).
  8. Boost your highs.

How do you mix an acoustic guitar solo?

In order to properly mix acoustic guitars you should really focus on;

  1. Sending the guitars to a bus.
  2. Muting unnecessary tracks.
  3. Spend time on the balance.
  4. Use a High-Pass filter.
  5. Remove unwanted frequencies with EQ.
  6. Compress only when needed.
  7. Boost the High-End using a shelf EQ.
  8. Control the range allocation.
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Should you hard pan vocals?

The best way to give your mix a solid core is to keep lower frequency sounds in the center. That means kicks, basses and anything else below the 120hz range. If your track has lead vocals pan them center as well. But as a general rule lead vocals should always be panned center.

Where should vocals sit in a mix?

Tip #1 – Here’s a top notch trick to get your vocals to sit on top of the mix nicely. Send everything but the vocals to their own aux, and apply a very subtle compressor (only a few dB’s reduction). Side chain the lead vocals to this compressor. This will dip the track by a 2 or 3 dB’s every time the vocals come in.

Should vocals be centered?

Now, like bass and kick drum, vocals should typically stay centered. This has less to do with frequency and more to do with composition. For most songs, the vocals and lyrics shine the brightest, so it makes sense for them to sit front and center (remember the visualization exercise).

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