Question: How To Set Up Helix To Process Vocals?

Can you run vocals through Helix?

Recording with a Mic. The Helix’s main attraction is guitar processing, but you can also record vocals (Helix can do some really tasty vocal processing). Plug the mic into the rear-panel Mic input. To monitor the mic with Helix effects (like compression, EQ, reverb, etc.

How do you record helix?

How to manage your Helix TV recordings?

  1. In the Guide, select the program you want to record.
  2. Press your remote’s Record. button once to start recording or press the button twice to bring up the recording options.

Does Helix have phantom power?

When the Helix XLR outputs are subjected to phantom power, the output level is decreased. If your setup requires XLR usage and phantom power cannot be avoided, we’ve seen some customers have success with a phantom power suppressor.

What is the difference between Helix and Helix LT?

The Helix has 4x sends and 4x returns. The LT has 2 additional Bass/Guitar inputs and the Helix has 5. The LT has 2 additional Line inputs and the Helix has 4. The LT doesn’t have an XLR Mic Preamp but the Helix has the StageScape Mic Preamp.

What is a helix rack?

Helix Rack is a new kind of guitar processor: it’s not only a tour-grade rack mounted multi-effect processor that sounds and feels authentic, it’s also one of the most comprehensive master controller for guitar systems ever built.

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How do you restart a show on Helix?


  1. In the Guide: select your desired content, press on the Voice remote, then select Replay.
  2. While content is playing: press and select Restart.

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