Question: How To Record Vocals On Logic Pro X?

How do I record vocals in logic?

Record multiple audio takes

  1. Choose Record > Overlapping Audio Recordings > Cycle Mode On > Create Take Folder.
  2. Choose File > Project Settings > Recording, then choose Cycle > Create Take Folder from the Overlapping Audio Recordings pop-up menu.

Can I record directly into Logic Pro?

Record on an audio track In the Logic Pro track list, select the header of the audio track you want to record on. Move the playhead to the point where you want to start recording. Click the Record button in the control bar (or press R) to start recording. Start singing or play your instrument.

How do you comp vocals?

In this how-to guide, I’ll be sharing eight tips for perfect vocal comps every single time.

  1. Always label your vocal takes.
  2. Solo the vocal track when editing.
  3. Align your vocal takes.
  4. Choosing the right vocal comp length.
  5. Crossfade everything.
  6. Find moments of silence.
  7. Be careful of double breaths.
  8. Look for the fricatives.

Is vocal comping necessary?

Vocal comping describes the process of combining multiple vocal takes into one “supertake” that has the best parts of each. Comping vocals has become essential in popular music because popular music must sustain repeat listens, which requires a near-perfect vocal take with many interesting dimensions.

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