Question: How To Just Play The Vocals In Traktor Pro 2?

How do I Autoplay Traktor?

Using the TRAKTOR Cruise Mode for Automatic Playback of Your

  1. Select the Mixer view in the top right-hand corner of TRAKTOR.
  2. Go to Preferences > Mixer and adjust the Auto Crossfade Time.
  3. In the TRAKTOR Browser, go to the Playlists folder and select a Playlist you want to play back automatically.

How do you use the mic in Traktor S4 mk2?

1. Inserting the Microphone via the Aux Channel

  1. Turn the GAIN knob on the rear panel of your TRAKTOR KONTROL S4 all the way down.
  2. Connect your microphone to the MIC input next to the GAIN knob.
  3. Go to TRAKTOR Preferences > Input Routing and make sure that Input Aux channel is set to the microphone input.

Where is the record button on Traktor Pro 3?

Set the Mixing Mode to Internal in the Output Routing tab of the TRAKTOR Preferences. In the Mix Recorder Preferences, set the Source to Internal. Open the Audio Recorder Panel in TRAKTOR’s Global Section. You can now start your recording by hitting the Record button.

How do I record with Traktor Pro 2 with an external mixer?

Go to Preferences > Mix Recorder. Select External to configure the Mix Recorder for recording an external audio signal. In the menu External Input, select the channel assigned to the input channel of your audio interface.

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Can you record on Traktor DJ 2?

This article explains how to record a mix internally in TRAKTOR PRO 2. In order to record your mixes with TRAKTOR’s Mix Recorder in Internal Mixing Mode, please do the following: Set the Mixing Mode to Internal in the Output Routing tab of the TRAKTOR Preferences.

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