Often asked: Who Does The Vocals For Skrillex?

Does Skrillex use his own voice?

However, Skrillex himself has stated that while he does use them, this tends not to be for vocals. Instead, he will use them to manipulate other types of audio more than he will for vocals.

Why did Skrillex leave from first to last?

The former emo singer-turned-EDM star (real name Sonny Moore) fronted the outfit for a few years in the mid-noughties, before leaving in 2007 due to a vocal chord injury and turning his focus to the dance world.

Who has Skrillex produced for?


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  • Year. Album/Artist/Credit. 2021. Toxic. Maeta. Executive Producer, Producer. 2021. Justice. Justin Bieber. Composer, Drums, Keyboards, Producer, Programmer. 2021. Habits. Maeta. Executive Producer, Producer. 2020. Virgo World. Lil Tecca. Featured Artist, Primary Artist, Producer. 2020. Virgo Rising. Lil Tecca.

Has dubstep died?

dubstep hasnt died, its evolved into more forms of EDM. Typically nowadays, the biggest genres of edm are future pop, futurebass, and vapor wave.

Who is Skrillex dating 2020?

Ellie Goulding opens up about her relationship with Skrillex.

How old is Marshmello?

Skrillex was born in 1988 and Dubstep started spiraling out of the late 90s UK garage scene. So I’m pretty sure at that time Skrillex was just a little kid living in California – and even though little kids have the ability to be epic – Skrillex didn’t invent Dubstep.

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Who is the best dubstep DJ?

Best Dubstep Artists

  • Skrillex Skrillex is an American (Born in 1988, in Los Angeles, California) EDM producer who is known for popularizing dubstep.
  • Knife Party Knife Party are an Australian electronic music duo comprising Rob Swire and Gareth McGrillen, two members of the drum and bass band Pendulum.

What genre is from first to last?


How did Skrillex start producing?

Born January 15th, 1988, Skrillex (then Sonny Moore) got into music at an early age and started attending punk rock shows and electro rave gigs. He made his debut as Skrillex in 2010, making a name for himself in the dubstep community with his own music and by producing for other artists.

Who created dubstep?

The sound of dubstep originally came out of productions by El-B, Steve Gurley, Oris Jay, and Zed Bias in 1999-2000.

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