Often asked: Who Did The Vocals In Voyager S6 E13?

Did The Doctor do his own singing in Voyager?

Actually, contrary to popular belief, before and during his days of fame as a member of N’Sync, Justin Timberlake provided the singing voice for The Doctor’s singing scenes in Star Trek: Voyager.

What opera does The Doctor sing on Voyager?

Voyager: “Virtuoso” – The Qomar discover music They eagerly asked The Doctor to sing for them on their world, and he gave a performance of an aria from Verdi’s Don Carlos that is so well-received he becomes a major Qomarian celebrity.

Who played the holographic doctor on Star Trek?

Robert “Bob” Picardo (born 27 October 1953; age 67) is the actor best known to Star Trek fans for playing Starfleet’s Emergency Medical Hologram, most notably The Doctor on Star Trek: Voyager. He also played the EMH creator, Dr. Lewis Zimmerman, as well as some of his other holographic creations.

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Who voiced Johnny Cab in Total Recall?

Total Recall (1990) – Robert Picardo as Johnnycab – IMDb.

Does the doctor on Voyager get a name?

However, in the series finale, in an alternate future timeline the Doctor has finally chosen the name “Joe” after his new wife’s grandfather (Tom Paris remarked in “Endgame” that “it took you 33 years to come up with “Joe”? “).

Why did the actress who played KES leave Voyager?

Jennifer Lien’s Kes was a key member of the Star Trek: Voyager crew but was written out in season 4. The actress “left” because she had become unmanageable on set, had substance issues, and production suffered.

Did Picardo sing in virtuoso?

In 2020, The Digital Fix said this was “fun episode” and allowed actor Robert Picardo to show off his singing.

What opera is Picard listening to in First Contact?

The opera that Captain Picard is listening to is Hector Berlioz’ “Les Troyens”. The song is “Hylas’ Song” from the beginning of Act V. Hylas is a homesick young sailor being rocked to sleep by the sea as he dreams of the homeland he will never see again.

Do you know any Klingon opera?

ʼuʼ ([ʔuʔ], beginning and ending with a glottal stop) is the first opera in the Klingon language, billed as “The first authentic Klingon opera on Earth”. It was composed by Eef van Breen to a libretto by Kees Ligtelijn and Marc Okrand under the artistic direction of Floris Schönfeld.

Who is the best Star Trek doctor?

In no specific order, here are the 11 Best Doctors in Star Trek.

  • 11 Beverly Crusher. When TNG premiered, Dr.
  • 10 Hugh Culber. Of all the best Starfleet doctors, Culber is one of the most progressive and adaptive.
  • 9 Leonard McCoy.
  • 8 Phil Boyce.
  • 7 The Doctor.
  • 6 Katherine Pulaski.
  • 5 Noonian Soong.
  • 4 Julian Bashir.
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Can Picardo really sing?

Picardo is an accomplished singer. While he was at Yale University, he was a member of the Society of Orpheus and Bacchus, the second longest running undergraduate a cappella group in the United States.

What rank is the doctor on Voyager?

Notes. The Doctor is voiced by Robert Picardo, the actor who portrayed the character during Star Trek: Voyager. Although the Doctor holds the Starfleet rank of Lieutenant Commander, he does not wear any rank insignia.

Why didn’t the aliens turn on the machine in Total Recall?

We know they made a device they didn’t turn on. Because they couldn’t get to da chopper. Their civilization was beyond saving. They knew how to save the planet but for them it was already too late.

How old is Picardo?

67 years (October 27, 1953)

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