Often asked: What Do These Use For The Vocals Of Owner Of A Lonley Heart?

Who sings Owner of a Lonely Heart?

This song describes the paradox of loneliness. Once you’ve been hurt, loneliness is better than a broken heart. This is the first single from 90125, and was the group’s one and only #1 charting hit. They said, ‘This is going to be a hit, and we’re going to make sure.

What genre is Owner of a Lonely Heart?

The following year, bassist Chris Squire, drummer Alan White and keyboard player Tony Kaye joined with South African guitarist Trevor Rabin as Cinema. And when Anderson later came on board to add vocals to 1983’s 90125 album, all involved had to concede that this was a de-facto Yes reunion.

When was Owner of a Lonely Heart released?

Although Yes first formed in 1968, “Owner of a Lonely Heart” was their first and only number-one hit song. The song was released in 1983 as the first single from the album 90125 (the band’s 11th album).

Who wrote owner of a broken heart?

TREVOR Horn lives in a house (a very big house) in north London.

What does it mean to have a lonely heart?

: of or relating to lonely persons who are seeking companions or spouses.

Is there a band called Yes?

Yes are an English progressive rock band formed in London in 1968 by singer Jon Anderson, bassist Chris Squire, guitarist Peter Banks, keyboardist Tony Kaye and drummer Bill Bruford. Yes have explored several musical styles over the years, and are most notably regarded as progressive rock pioneers.

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Is Owner of a Lonely Heart a one hit wonder?

“Owner of a Lonely Heart” is a song by British progressive rock band Yes. It is the first track and single from their eleventh studio album 90125, released in November 1983. It was a commercial success in the United States, becoming the band’s first and only single to reach No.

What does 90125 stand for?

While various former Yessers formed the band prog-rock supergroup Asia,Anderson, Squire, Kaye, White and South African guitarist Trevor Rabinre-formed Yes, released 90125 (not-so-cleverly named for the album’ scatalog number and a zip code somewhere in California ), spawned the No.

Why is it called 90125?

90125, named after the label’s catalogue number for the record, has a slightly different sound, partly because of the infusion of South African musician Trevor Rabin (guitars, keyboards, vocals), and the work of producer Trevor Horn. Rabin’s “Owner of a Lonely Heart” topped the charts as the album’s biggest hit.

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