Often asked: How To Run Vocals Through Eleven Rack?

How do you bypass the Eleven Rack?

There is nothing done inside the Eleven Rack, you just bypass the whole box with external switching. No different to any other outboard box you would need to switch in/out that did not have a bypass/pass through. The right matrix switcher could also avoid the need to separately split the signal.

Is the Eleven Rack discontinued?

Please note: Pro Tools | Eleven Rack has been discontinued. If you own an Eleven Rack interface, we will continue to offer product support, so you can continue playing and creating with peace of mind.

Can you use eleven rack without Pro Tools?

The editor allows you to easily configure Eleven Rack using your Mac or PC without launching Pro Tools. You can change the guitar pedal, amp, and speaker settings using the graphical interface as well as download and play thousands of presets from elevenrackpresets.com and other portals.

How do I update my Eleven Rack?

Make sure your Eleven Rack unit requires this update by checking the currently installed firmware version number:

  1. Press and hold the Edit/Back button to access the User Options menu.
  2. Once the User Options menu appears, use the Scroll wheel to highlight “Firmware Version” and press SW1 labeled SELECT.

Does Eleven Rack work with logic?

yes you can use your Eleven Rack like a POD with Logic. Just choose it as your audio in/out device in Logic´s audio preferences. Eleven Rack uses Avid´s Core Audio Driver to operate with app´s other than PT. Rack audio interface.

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What is 11lite?

In addition, the Eleven Lite plugin, with over 20 high-quality guitar, amp and effect models is also included. Together, they give artists and producers a nearly unlimited range of creative and versatile options with incredibly realistic virtual instruments and effects.

Does Eleven Rack work with Garageband?

That process also works fine with the other iMac running the older Leopard and GB09. On that machine I have successfully run several DAWS, including Garageband 09 and ProTools with the Eleven Rack. It also runs Logic, Cubase and Ableton with my other USB audio interface.

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