Mono Bus When Mixing Vocals Logic Pro X?

Should you mix vocals in mono?

Should you record vocals in mono or in stereo? If you are recording the vocals of one singer in a booth, then you should record in mono. However, if you are recording vocals of multiple singers and instruments, you should record in stereo. The terms mono and stereo are quite common in the sound recording industry.

Should a bus be stereo or mono?

busses, be sure to use mono busses rather than splitting stereo busses. Since Pro Tools keeps stereo busses phase aligned, splitting stereo busses can result in inaccurate delay compensation”.

Is stereo louder than mono?

Is stereo louder than mono? Stereo isn’t louder than mono. However, stereo may sound louder since it sends two different channels to the speakers, and creates a simulation of space and width. But, if you compare them both on even speakers with the same volume settings, they should both be at an equal dB level.

How loud should my vocals be in a mix?

Every vocal is different and every song is different as well. But generally speaking, lead vocal should be moderately loud or the loudest element next to your drums in your mix.

What should you look for when mixing mono?

Here are some tips for mixing in mono:

  • Tip #1: Perform Level Adjustments. Listening in mono can cause relative levels to become apparent.
  • Tip #2: Eliminate Masking. Panning is a common way to deal with masking.
  • Tip #3: Minimize Phase Issues. Listening in mono causes phase issues to become apparent.
  • Core Production Bundle.
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Why mixing in mono is the secret?

When we mix in stereo we can separate mix elements out in the stereo field to make them easier to hear. When we collapse the mix to mono, these different elements start to obscure each other again. The fact is, that if your mix isn’t clear and punchy in mono – it just “isn’t ready yet”.

Should I bus vocals?

It’s fine, it’s usually the last thing on an engineer’s mind when they’re fighting a deadline. But what should you be doing? If you can, I strongly recommend routing your vocal effects to their own Aux Bus as well. Bussing your vocal effects will let you see, collectively, how loud your effects are getting.

Is aux send mono or stereo?

Each aux output is a mono send. If you want to process a stereo input channel, the aux sends are both derived mono sums, so that won’t work in stereo either. And, if you want to process the input channels individually in mono, plugging up both sides of both processors is pointless.

What is a stereo mix bus?

A mix bus is a way to send or “route” one or more selections of audio to a particular place. Some common destinations or places to route audio are aux sends, subgroups, and your main L/R mix.

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