How To Sync Music And Vocals In Audition?

How do I sync two audio tracks?

Audio in Premiere can be aligned by analysing two or more audio files and automatically comparing for similarity. For the audio recorded on separate microphones, select both clips, right-click and select ‘Synchronise’. Select ‘Audio’ as a synchronize point and press OK.

What is automatic speech alignment?

Adobe Audition CS6 automatic speech alignment allows the audio or video producer to easily align to spoken audio tracks. An example of this would be to align audio from a video to the same audio that a voice over artist has recorded in a studio at a later date.

How many tracks can you have in Adobe Audition?

Choose between mono, stereo, and 5.1 tracks Multitrack sessions support an unlimited number of mono, stereo, and 5.1 audio and bus tracks. When adding tracks, choose a channel configuration based on the configuration of the Master track: For mono masters, add mono audio and bus tracks.

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