How To Sidechain Rap Vocals?

Can you sidechain vocals?

As a mix engineer, using sidechain compression on vocals is the technique that I find myself using the most. By sidechaining the vocal and compressing guitars, keys, backing vocals – or even the everything EXCEPT the vocals… You can subtly create more room in the mix for the vocals to cut through.

Do you sidechain in hip hop?

In house, techno, or hip hop, sidechain can be the difference between a kick struggling to breathe in the mix and a strong, heavy thump. It’s easy to get started sidechaining this way. First, put a Compressor device on every track that you want to duck the kick.

Do you sidechain everything to the kick?

Something like Dubstep or Hardstyle where you really want the kick (and maybe snare) to absolutely smash, I would sidechain everything. But for a pop song I would just sidechain more of the lower-frequency instruments that might interfere with the kick but leave the vocals and higher frequencies alone.

Should you sidechain 808s?

The 808 should fade in as the kick decays. Use both your eyes and ears in this process to make sure the attack of the 808 doesn’t interfere with the kick. The kick should cut through, while still having a seamless blend. This method is often better than using sidechain compression.

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How do you sidechain vocal delay?

An alternative technique is to use a compressor on your bus after the delay plug-in, with the sidechain input set to trigger when the vocal plays. This way, your main vocal is clear as the delay is ducked, but then the delay version swells up to fill the space when the vocal isn’t playing.

How do I mix better?

Top 10 Tips for Making a Good Mix

  1. Keep it simple. When recording, don’t clutter – focus on the main ingredients (rhythm guitar, bass, percussion, etc.), adding additional instrumentation only as needed.
  2. Keep it down.
  3. Watch the gloss.
  4. All together.
  5. Give it a rest.
  6. Listen from a distance.
  7. Combine tracks.
  8. Get the red out.

What is Sidechaining?

Sidechain is an effect that you have on one sound that is triggered by the level of another sound. The classic example is when you have a compressor on a bass track and you set it so it ducks the level of the bass whenever a kick drum hits.

What is sidechain compression?

Sidechain compression is a bit different. It is a type of compression where the effect level on one instrument is controlled by the volume level of another instrument. A common example would be making the compression level on a bass controlled by the output volume of the kick drum.

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