FAQ: Why Should You Double Vocals?

Should you always double vocals?

Double Track Vocals Even If You Don’t Think You’ll Use It. If time allows, always tracking a vocal double is a great practice. If time and budget allow, it’s always worth taking a portion of the tracking session to double the vocals.

What does doubling the vocals help the vocals do?

Doubling the vocals can work well for two apparent reasons. First, it strengthens the vocal sound; second, it fills the gaps and hides the tuning inconsistencies.

Should I stack vocals?

Use vocal stacking as an opportunity to support your lead vocal track – pushing it further toward the front of your mix. To reinforce your lead vocal, track doubles of the same part. Two takes of nearly identical performances can stack to create something that sounds like a thicker single voice.

How do you treat doubled vocals?

You can use a quality de-esser plugin like Waves Sibilance or De-Esser to heavily treat the double vocal tracks, allowing them to still sound natural in the mix. If you’ve brought your vocalist in for a second recording session to track doubles, it’s possible they could be a bit flat or sharp that day.

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Does Eminem double his vocals?

I bring Eminem up, because he’s talked in length about how many takes (more than 10) he does to get his vocal doubles sounding precise. I found this vocal only track of Eminem’s Lose Yourself (released in 2002) and you can hear the vocal double track as I defined it earlier.

Do rappers still double their vocals?

Rappers and singers have traditionally recorded vocal doubles (informally called “vocal dubs”) on the ending phrases every bar or half a bar..

How do you get the chorus effect on vocals?

Chorus units receive an input signal, delay it for a few milliseconds and then ‘widen’ its tuning, usually by detuning a ‘copy’ of the part a little flat and another a little sharp. These copies are then played back, producing a vocal which occupies a wider, thicker pitch base and therefore has more presence in a mix.

How do you do the chorus effect vocals?

Try Adding a Subtle Chorus Effect. Another way to give the vocal a bit of depth and shimmer is to apply subtle chorusing. Again, you don’t want the effect to be noticeable. Add a stereo chorus to the vocal and increase the wetness until you notice the effect, then back it off a touch.

What effects live vocals?

The Top 5 Vocal Effects Processors For Live Performance

  • Behringer Virtualizer 3D FX2000.
  • TC Helicon VoiceTone Harmony-G XT.
  • Roland VT-3 Voice Transformer.
  • Boss VE-20 Vocal Performer.
  • TC-Helicon VoiceLive 3.

What is tracking vocal?

In multi-track recording, different microphones or sources are recorded to independent tracks. So “tracking” essentially means: recording onto a track. A “tracking” session typically refers to recording one instrument, such as vocals. “Let’s track the vocals” – would be referring to only recording vocals.

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