FAQ: Who Sings Background Vocals With Eric Clapton On Promises?

Who sings with Eric Clapton on Lay Down Sally?

She was asked to sing backing vocals on Eric Clapton ‘s version of the Bob Marley song “I Shot the Sheriff” in 1974. She then went on tour as part of Clapton’s band, and soon afterwards got her own recording contract with RSO Records.

Who is the female singer in Lay Down Sally?

Marcella Levy (born June 21, 1952), known professionally as Marcella Detroit, is an American singer, songwriter, and guitarist. She co-wrote the 1977 Eric Clapton hit “Lay Down Sally” and released her debut album Marcella in 1982.

What was Eric Clapton biggest hit?

Clapton’s best-selling single is “Wonderful Tonight” which has sold more than four million copies worldwide, although he is most known for his rock anthem “Layla”, that was originally released in 1971.

Who wrote the song Old Love?

‘Old Love’ The standout track is “Old Love” (co-written with Robert Cray ), though it’s hard to argue that the definitive version of the track came three years later on Clapton’s Unplugged album.

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