FAQ: Who Does The Vocals For Krewella?

Who is the singer in Krewella?

My name is Jahan Yousaf. I am a singer, songwriter and DJ of currently the most hated group in the electronic dance music scene: Krewella.

What ethnicity is Krewella?

“He’s totally Americanized now, and he’s the coolest dad in the entire word.” Trindl, 25, is of Greek descent, with a Deadhead mother who encouraged his musical ambitions.

Why is Krewella hated?

Case in point, the hate for Krewella clearly reached a crescendo after the news of the legal battle with former member Kris Trindl became public. It became an issue of peer pressure, where there were so many people hating the Yousaf sisters that others didn’t want to be on the other side of the issue.

Are Krewella sisters?

Krewella is an American electronic dance music band from Northbrook, Illinois, United States, that formed in 2007. The band consists of sisters Jahan Yousaf and Yasmine Yousaf. Originally a trio, their third member and producer Kristopher Trindl left the band in 2014.

Does Krewella sing?

5. They can sing live. Krewella will drop versions of their songs with no vocals, so they can rage while singing live. At the Ultra Music Festival in 2013 Krewella played for an hour and sang 13 songs live, a seriously impressive feat.

Are Krewella a couple?

Paola and Jojo, a lesbian couple, were married on stage during the Pride festival in West Hollywood Park on Friday by Yasmine Yousaf, the 24-year-old half of the EDM duo Krewella. Yasmine is an ordained minister and, like her sister and fellow performer Jahan, is half Pakistani and was raised as a Muslim.

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Are Casey Deidrick and Jahan Yousaf still together?

Casey Deidrick Girlfriend Jahan Yousaf is currently in a relationship with American television actor and singer, Casey Deidrick. The couple started dating in early 2013 and was the love birds swooned by their fans.

How much is Krewella worth?

What is Krewella net worth? Krewella net worth is estimated to be $25 million dollars. Krewella is a famous electronic dance music group formed by two sisters Yasmine Yousaf and Jahan Yousaf, along with their producer Kristopher Trindl, who has left the group now.

Where are Krewella from?

Overall, Krewella put on a good performance, especially given the environment’s shaky acoustics. It takes a talented DJ to adjust a set on the fly based on the room’s atmosphere, and for three DJs to do that simultaneously shows how skilled the group is as a whole.

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