FAQ: How To Pitch Vocals On Logic?

How does pitch correction work in logic?

Pitch Correction with Logic

  • Logic’s Pitch Correction plug-in: you can modify scales by selecting and deselecting notes from the keyboard in the centre of the window, or choose from the presets in the drop-down menu.
  • The Correction Amount display gives real-time information on how hard Pitch Correction is working.

Why is flex pitch not working?

You will need to flatten it (or similar) for Flex Pitch to work. in the main tracks area you will need to click on the little number in the main audio track, there you will be given a drop down option list, click flatten, then you can proceed with opening up the tracks area, flex, flex pitch etc.

Is Flex pitch good?

(How many people still think Logic is only good for MIDI production?) With each new update, Flex Pitch has improved in performance and stability. And even if you’re still bucking up against some weird behaviors, the Pitch Correction plugin is still a very viable option for pesky phrases.

What is pitch drift?

‘Pitch drift’ is our term for slow fluctuations in pitch of the kind that are usually unintentional and symptomatic of poor technique.

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Is it okay to use pitch correction?

“[Pitch correction]”, Joe says “is no more cheating than using reverb. Or should we all just record in a cavern to get that pure reverb effect?” Toby mentions, “ After-the-fact pitch correction is a legitimate time-saving tool that allows for great performances without fussing over a few suspect pitches.”

How do I correct my vocal pitch?

Keep paying attention to the details of pitch

  1. Free up your voice.
  2. Widen your comfortable range.
  3. Improve your vocal pitch control.
  4. Hone your sense of tuning.
  5. Train your ear for semitones and tones.

What is the name of the pitch correction software used to fix the vocals?

Pitch correction software like Antares Auto-Tune, Celemony Melodyne 4, and Waves Tune are used to polish vocal performances to perfection. These plug-ins can be used to correct flat or sharp notes, adjust the timing of a performance, and produce futuristic effects.

How do I change the pitch bend range in logic?

Easiest method is probably to open up the Instrument editor, change View>Controls, then look for the Pitch Bend setting (tends to be toward the top). Adjust it to the number of semitones you want as your bend range.

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