FAQ: How To Hear Live Vocals In Recording Logic?

Can you use logic for live sound?

Yes, it will work. No, you ‘re not missing anything! so with a MacBook Pro (i5) wil I be able to mix live with effects and record, say 16 channels? Yes, that should work, although you may want to get a dedicated drive for recording your project.

Why can’t I hear my vocals on logic?

Be sure and set your audio interface in Logic’s Preferences/Audio/Device. Do not rely on setting it only in the Computer’s preferences. and as mentioned condenser mics need phantom power, plus the right Input on the recording channel strip.

Should you listen to yourself while recording?

Yes. You have 2 options when you’re recording and you wish to hear yourself. Either you wear the headphones in such a way that only your one ear is covered and you can hear your voice through your mouth while singing.

How do you hear yourself through headphones while recording?

If you are not using an interface, select Input Monitor on the record channel, go into your DAWs setup menu, find Output Monitor (or “Sound”), select Internal Speaker (or Built In). If you already hear your DAW through the headphone jack, omit everything except the Input Monitor step.

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Is logic good for live?

As with the MIDI side of things, though, Logic’s long development history and more expansive architecture yield a wider range of audio recording and editing bells and whistles than you’ll find in Live, and if your recording needs are of the more demanding kind – ie, a full band, or even just guitar and vocals – it

Is logic good for live performance?

I have this incredible setup with synths, organs, pianos, and electric pianos, even drum kits and bass. This is just for fun though – it’s a setup for a band I’ll never be in. I would recommend MainStage, but if you just need a couple of good sounds, Logic works just fine in a live situation.

Do I need MainStage if I have logic?

Choose Logic Pro if you need a timeline. Choose Logic Pro if you need to edit audio and manipulate MIDI. Choose MainStage if you want to perform live. Choose MainStage if you want to quickly workshop ideas.

How do I monitor multiple tracks in logic?

Re: Input monitoring with multiple tracks at once? You should be able to listen to both inputs. Choose Preferences > Audio > General and make sure that Input monitoring for focused track and record enabled tracks is unchecked.

Why can’t I hear my MIDI keyboard in logic?

You then need to create 2 x audio tracks in Logic, assign there inputs to Input 1 and Input 2 respectively (or depending on your audio interface configuration). This is your left and right audio channels of Korg keyboard. Record enable both audio tracks, and now you should hear sound.

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