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08 July 2018
jovana demo studio

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Jovana’s biography.
Text written by journalist Maja Mitic from Krusevac City.

Jovana Djordjevic or “Balkan’s Adele” which nick got by journalists from Serbia
and neighboring countries after her great performance hit  ”Someone Like You” by Adele,
was born on 24.July.1989. in Krusevac, Serbia.


Born under the sign of Leo, this fiery girl has always been a favorite in society due cheerful
character and sense of humor. Although grew up in a musical family, with a father saxophonist,
music was not something that was imposed for her.

Cheerful by nature, she often sings, but the real need for dealing with music occurred
in high school. Performing in the rock club for the first time at age seventeen becomes
clear what will be addressed in future.


She is experiencing a very young major changes in voice and still underage she started
performing at clubs in Krusevac with pop-rock bands, where she experiences a great
success and totally delights the audience in her hometown.

Jovana 2010. moves to Belgrade where she continues to work on her career. She started
with studio work, singing as lead and background singer, for the professional singers needs,
their future songs, albums or demo projects. At first she was mostly work for singers
from Serbia and neighboring countries, but now she works with musicians from all over the world.


She is is very professional in her job, but she describing it as enjoyment.
When we asked her who are her role models, she says that she doesn’t have,
but she certainly loves to listen to Christina  Aguilera, Beyonce, and other powerful vocals,
which can be noticed in her musical direction that follows.

What is certain is that Jovana is a strong vocal, and she constantly proves it and it’s opens
the way to a nice career.

Jovana is actively working, but her persistence is not machiavellian nature and
there is no doubt that she will surprise us one day with a lot of good songs and
maybe with her author release.

Happy in love, with the support of family, with such a voice and irresistible charm,
Jovana Djordjevic not destined to be unnoticed.


Text written by journalist Maja Mitic from Krusevac City.


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