Song: Destiny | DJ NURI

Singer, top-line and lyrics writer: Jovana
14 September 2016

NURI feat. JOVANA [original mix]

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Check out my work in DJ Nuri’s song “Destiny”
In this song I sung, wrote top line melody and lyrics.


I’m available to sing lead vocal, back up and/or add harmonies on your next project. Also I’am top-line and lyrics writer which means that I can come up with idea for lead vocal melody, arrange background vocals/harmonies and write lyrics in English (any style, genre or subject).

I will bring the voice, creativity and professionalism needed to take your project to a whole new level.

I’m compatibile with a wide variety of genres: Jazz, Blues, Soul, Pop, Rock, RnB, Country, EDM…

For 10 years I have been singing in recordings studios and performing on stages as lead and background vocalist. I regularly do studio and online sessions for various recording studios, solo musicians, radio/TV production companies.

Check ALL works


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