Custom vocal packs

Do you need a vocal pack that nobody else has?
Custom Hooks, Loops, Adlibs…?
Affordable price?

If you are a DJ, I’m sure you’ve been exploring how to hire a vocalist and get your music tracks more recognizable and individual. I can adapt to your needs and even write the lyrics and vocal melodies for you. Music producing in the EDM genre is a battle that requires elements of your DJ songs to stand out from the rest.

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custom vocal packs

For 10 years I have been singing in recordings studios and performing on stages as lead and background vocalist. I regularly do studio and online sessions for various recording studios, solo musicians, radio/TV production companies. I’m available to sing lead vocal, back up and/or add harmonies on your next project. I will bring the voice, creativity and professionalism needed to take your project to a whole new level.

Custom Vocal Packs [Hooks, Loops, Adlibs…]